Delete in Recycle Bin ?

  • nojevah

    nojevah - 2014-01-03


    First, like others, thank you for this very light and powerful application.

    Is there a way to delete a file in recycle bin (without prompt) ?
    "Cmd" from Windows does not use Recycle Bin. :/

    In fact, this command should:
    1) delete image in recycle bin
    2) display the next image
    3) not search for image when going back (delete image from "playlist" in fact)

    I think it's not possible. If you confirm, consider it as a request please.

  • David Kleiner

    David Kleiner - 2014-01-19

    Unfortunately Windows does not come with a command line tool to send files to recycle bin. However you can install such a tool from 3rd party (freeware), see here:

    After you have installed that tool (recycle.exe, 13 KB) into the windows directory (c:\windows), replace the following line in the global INI file:

    UserCmd0="KeyCode: Del Cmd: 'cmd /c del %filename%' Confirm: 'Do you really want to permanently delete the file %filename%?' HelpText: 'Del\tDelete current file on disk permanently' Flags: 'WaitForTerminate ReloadFileList MoveToNext'"

    by that:

    UserCmd0="KeyCode: Del Cmd: 'recycle %filename%' Confirm: 'Do you really want to send the file %filename% to recycle bin?' HelpText: 'Del\tSend current file to recycle bin' Flags: 'WaitForTerminate ReloadFileList MoveToNext NoWindow'"

    Then the 'Del' key will no longer permanently delete the file but send it to the recycle bin. I tested that and it works very well - all (1), (2) and (3) of your wishlist is fullfilled.


  • nojevah

    nojevah - 2014-01-20

    Thank you for your answer !

    Indeed, it works well with this program. I've edited the line in order not to have "confirm" dialog.
    It would be nice if you use a Windows API in a future version. I think it even should be the default setting. Several image viewers just put image in Recycle bin, and I think it is the way to go.

    PS: Hard to follow a thread without notifications, damn Sourceforge forums. :-)


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