Pressing ESC should go back to gallery

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2013-11-03

    When I click on a picture in gallery view then the picture is shown in full screen.

    It is usual in software development that pressing the ESC key mean "go one step back".
    This would mean in such a situation that the gallery should be shown again.

    But JPEGView exits.

    Is it possible to change this?


  • David Kleiner

    David Kleiner - 2013-11-05

    No, this will not be changed. Opening the file open dialog again can be done with 'Ctrl-O'. ESC exits because JPEGView is designed to be started by clicking on an image file in the Explorer, not by starting the EXE directly. When using JPEGView this way, ESC goes back one step as the Explorer will be shown again.


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