Unofficial .pbm support?

  • madmuffinz

    madmuffinz - 2014-06-26

    I was browsing through some files when I saw that I had a file with the .pbm extension unassociated with any of my programs, though Windows recognized it as an image file. So, I decided to see if JPEGView can open it, and it did! The description for the format was "Windows Bitmap"

    I manually associated the .pbm format with JPEGView, but the only problem with that is that it can't cycle through the .bpm files in the folder. I have to open one at a time in Explorer instead.

    So will we be able to see the .pbm format in the "Set as default viewer..." somewhere in the future?
    I am not sure if that's all it needs for me to be able to cycle through the images in the program, but I guessing that would do the trick?

  • David Kleiner

    David Kleiner - 2014-09-12

    I do not know this file ending. JPEGView can open every image file it supports independent of its file ending when you directly open it from JPEGView.

    If you are sure that .bpm files are always windows bitmaps on your system, you can try to add them to the files loaded by WIC (in the INI file), then cycling should work.
    FilesProcessedByWIC= ...


  • madmuffinz

    madmuffinz - 2014-11-13

    Ah doing that worked! Thank you.


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