Path to save processed images.

  • pelsta

    pelsta - 2013-05-20

    I open and process an image (e.g. "C:\Temp\img01.jpg"), then press Ctrl-S to save it.
    When I set
    then image is saved as "C:\Temp\img01.jpg" (the original file is overridden) and this is OK.
    When I set
    then I expect path "C:\Temp\" (i.e. the path of original file) in Save Dialog to quickly save image to "C:\Temp\img01_proc.jpg"
    How this can be achieved.

  • pelsta

    pelsta - 2013-05-24

    I checked my problem once more.
    It occurs only when the file is located in the temporary folder, indicated by the system variable TEMP and TMP. On my computer (Windows XP SP3), TEMP="C:\Temp" and TMP="C:\Temp".
    So when I open a file e.g. "C:\Photos\img_9379.jpg" and I press Ctrl-S to save it, then in the dialog box is path "C:\Photos" and the file name is "img_9379_proc".
    But when I do the same with the file "C:\Temp\Photos\img_9379.jpg" then in the dialog box is the last used path.
    Is the behavior of the program is correct?


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