Not enough memory?

  • Michelle

    Michelle - 2013-06-11

    Hi, first thanks for such an amazing viewer! I've tried every single viewer on the web, this one meets my needs perfectly.

    Anyhow, I'm getting a "xxxx.jpeg could not be read! Reason: Not enough memory available" error when trying to open very large images (70mp+). I just updated to latest version, same thing. I have 24gigs of ram available, and my memory monitor shows only 18% in use when displaying it in firefox or 20% in use when working with or viewing the image in photoshop.

    short system specs:
    windows7-64 pro
    intel 980x
    24g ram
    2x amd 2gb HD6950's

    I won't mention how I'd love to see animated gif support cause I understand that's not supported :) But I do love this viewer, it does everything right.

    Thank you!

    • Stefan

      Stefan - 2013-06-12

      I cannot answer your first question, but I do confirm the problem.

      Animated GIFs are supported in version 1.0.29, as described here:

      • Michelle

        Michelle - 2013-06-12

        oh lol, I guess it would help if I read the release notes huh! Thanks again, I'll just sit tight and see what happens then.


  • David Kleiner

    David Kleiner - 2013-11-02

    JPEGView is currently only available as a 32 bit program. That's why you cannot read these large images despite of the fact you have 24 GBs of memory. Additionally when trading off memory to speed, JPEGView always chooses speed, that's another reason why this large images cannot be read.
    Maybe once there will be a 64 bit version that solves this.


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