Jojo Pumpkin - 2011-11-21

I stumbled across jpegView while seeking a lighter alternative to FastStone Image viewer. I enjoy FastStone and it is an integral part of my workflow but I wanted something I could use with friends and family that made browsing images from photo CD's I intend on gifting this holiday, quick and easy . What I thought I found was a simple little viewer and nothing else but what I actually found was a tool that I would become to adore. It is insanely fast and incredible for viewing photos on my Compact Flash cards before I actually import them to my HD. FAST, FAST, FAST.

Nit picks and suggestions:
The crop feature feels like it needs to be a little more up front and visible. I found it a bit hard to find at first.

There is no  ability to manipulate the selection box once your selection has been placed or at least that I have found. Kind of an inconvenience to have to keep redrawing it when precise placement may be necessary.

Common photo size ratios in crop ratio selection; 4x6, 8x10 etc.

A resize option with common photo sizes via pixel count or percentage that might also be included in the batch processes.

Perhaps a barebones version (lite) with file navigation, exif view and slideshow only that is put forth or marketed as portable via usb or CD?

These are mere suggestions and I do not know what the possibility would be for these features. I don't know much about coding and the limitations you may be working with but as someone who manages and manipulates sometimes hundreds of images in one sitting these features would make an application such as this highly valuable to and end user photographer.

Thanks for a great application.