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testplus manual published (first version)

The first version of the testplus framework is now available online at


Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-06-29

buffary programming manual published

The bufarray programming manual has been published in PDF form.
The URL to the PDF file, generated from the source distribution is
It is also referred in the JPE project page (

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-05-08

JPE 2.0 announcement

This is the official announcement of the second version of JPE.

JPE (The Java-Python Extension) is a production-grade seamless
integration of Python and Java.
JPE lets you call Java objects and classes from Python, and vice-versa,
within the same process space. JPE is reentrant (cross-language
callbacks), and supports multi-threading concurently in Java and Python.

The reference web site for JPE is read more

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-02-27

fastest array operations between Java and Python

The Python bufarray extension type has been integrated to JPE.

Base type arrays are now passed by reference from Java to Python,
and memory-copied, from Python to Java.

a dmnage !

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-02-24

turnkey JPE configuration and build with libplus

The configuration branch has been merged into the main branch.
Please check out and try the new config and build system (see BUILD.txt).
No more environment set up: cvs checkout jpe_pack && cd jpe_pack/jpe && python && nmake && nmake test && nmake install!

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-02-15

JPE Web site, at last

The JPE web site has been created, at last!

Check out !

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-01-31

Java strings / Python unicode seamlessness

Python unicode objects can now be used whenever a Java string object is required.
The use of Jstring( ) that was required for passing Java strings is now deprecated. Unicode objects can be used instead.

Exemple: Jstring( 'a value')) can be written as: u'a value') Jstring( expr)) can be written as: unicode( expr))

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2002-01-11

Python buffer support for Java arrays

Python buffer support has been added for Java arrays.

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2001-08-28

Java Bean support

Java bean properties are accessed and set in Python as if they were regular attributes

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2001-08-26

patch auto-detected in

The presence of the pythonplus patch in python is now auto-detected in

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2001-08-22

stable CVS tag stable-beta-7

stable-beta-7 tag created on JPE CVS source tree

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2001-08-21

import in sourceforge CVS

The JPE project has been imported in sourceforge CVS.
Its sources are now available as such.

Bon travail :))

Posted by Frederic Giacometti 2001-08-21

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