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Project Plan for jpckt32

This project will attempt to follow this plan:

version 0.1 - (development)

o get old code restructured and running for linux.
o package old linux/win32 code and release win32 code as final version.

version 0.2 - (stable)

o release jpckt32-0.2-stable.tar.gz

version 0.3 - (development)

o use a C -> Java callback routine instead of polling for new packets
o retain getPacket() and getMaxPacketSize()... read more

Posted by Ben Menking 2001-08-04

JPCKT32 Planning Stage

Yes, this code is in the planning stage again. The current tarball is very disorganized
and the code was poorly planned out originally. (I just threw something together so I could hack my company's lan) The latest release will still be available but the newer code should deprecate most of the original code. Sorry for the inconvienence.

Posted by Ben Menking 2001-07-02