Joxy 0.1.0 released

We are proud to release version 0.1.0 of Joxy. This release focused on fixing bugs, but there are also some new features.


This is the complete changelog for Joxy 0.1.0.

New features:

  • New components: JTree, JSplitPane, JFormattedTextField, JPasswordField, JTable with the header and JInternalFrame (only the radial background)
  • Redesigned JMenu and JMenuItem: we now have accelerators and submenus
  • Better highlight colours for the menu
  • Defaults for all KDE configuration options. That means it should now work on other operating systems too
  • Better arrow buttons in the JTabbedPane and the JScrollPane, with hover effects. Furthermore the arrow buttons of a scroll bar are disabled if it is not possible to scroll in that direction
  • JTextFields have a button that clears the contents

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix non-opaqueness issue for JTextField, that caused display artefacts
  • The arrow buttons of a JSpinner and the dropdown button of an editable JComboBox are inside the white background now
  • Fix for an exception that could happen if the menu-item highlight colour is too dark or bright
  • More icons in the JFileChooser, for example for the /home/user folder
  • Netbeans now also has the radial background
  • (Bug #3) Scrolling through tabs skips disabled tabs
  • (Bug #7) Native text rendering adheres to the style attribute (bold, italic)
  • Some improvements in the JTabbedPane
  • Do not install Joxy when it has already been installed
  • Fixed an exception when the icon for the text field clear button couldn't be found

Getting Joxy

You can download Joxy under the Downloads section above. If you prefer, you can also get Joxy's source code at the Code section. In our Wiki, you can find a complete guide about how to get and install Joxy.

Posted by Willem3141 2012-08-17

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