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Jostraca 0.4.1 Released

There are two big new things for this release. First, Jostraca now has an Eclipse plugin: CodeGenClipse. Second, Jostraca now supports JavaScript templates (using Rhino).

And of course there's a load of bug-fixes and a few minor tweaks and improvements.

Since this is a point release, all existing 0.4 version templates should work just fine.

By the way, if you're looking for a funky alternative to XSLT, you should check out the templates/src/std/xml/easyxml.jtm template in the distribution. It's all very alpha, but I use it to create the reference documentation for Ricebridge components, and it works rather nicely.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2006-11-06

Jostraca 0.4.0 Released

This release of Jostraca includes much needed performance improvements when generating multiple Java templates. Now, all Java templates are compiled and executed inside the Jostraca process if possible and multiple templates are compiled together instead of separately. For generation tasks involving many templates, these changes can make code generation up to three times faster.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2004-12-13

Jostraca 0.3.3 Released

This release introduces a new easy-to-use API for generating code from within your own applications. It also includes tested versions of the internal Java template handlers. These components allow you to compile and execute Java templates inside the Jostraca process, which improves performance. Error reporting was also improved.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2003-06-22

Jostraca 0.3.2 Released

Jostraca is a general purpose code generation toolkit for software developers.

The major new feature in this version is a significant performance improvement. Jostraca is now far more intelligent about regenerating and recompiling templates and will avoid doing so if it is not necessary. This means that the ant task can finally be used effectively.

A number of resource consumption bugs have also been fixed in this release. Code and error handling consistency have been improved and are moving slowly towards a more structured architecture.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2003-02-25

Jostraca 0.3.1 Released!

Jostraca 0.3.1 includes two major new features: support for the REBOL language in templates, and the new replace-regexp directive.

This release also includes a number of transitional software design changes which will help to provide better unit testing, error messages and directive handling. These changes should be complete by the next release.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2002-08-08

2002-03-20 Version 0.3.0 Released

Version 0.3.0 includes support for Ant

Posted by Richard Rodger 2002-03-30

Initial CVS import

Import of pre-release version 0.2.0 to
sourceforge CVS.

Posted by Richard Rodger 2001-07-31

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