JBoss 5 Jaspi agent ignore-web-resource

  • prakash2008

    prakash2008 - 2012-02-24

    I am using JBoss 5 with josso gateway and version 1.8.5. I am trying out the demo partnerapp and it is not ignoring the urls specified by  <ignore-web-resource-collections> in the josso-agent-config.xml . I verified in the demo partnerapp web.xml and this seems OK. I see this message in the debug log

    2012-02-24 09:42:32,076 DEBUG  (http- Found  ignored url patterns.

  • prakash2008

    prakash2008 - 2012-02-24

    Additional info: It looks like if you try to access a public resource, (example  http://localhost:8080/partnerapp/resources/img/buttons.jpg ) you are redirected to the gateway and then back to the public resource in the partnerapp. You do not need to be authenticated, but this creates a problem for my requirement.  I have a lot of client applications that need to access some URL in my applications, but they are not required to be authenticated. The client programs cannot handle a redirect.

    The previous versions of agents did not have this redirect for the ignored web resources.

  • prakash2008

    prakash2008 - 2012-02-24

    Found a solution on another post -https://sourceforge.net/projects/josso/forums/forum/399715/topic/4670835 .

    Apparently the agent config file needs to be modified as below


    Can someone from JOSSO/Atricore  verify if this is the expected behavior ? If so, could you please add the documentation so that it helps others. Thanks.

  • stéphane POPOFF


    I suggest to do the same thing in the web.xml and declare unprotected ressource (in fact url). Maybe the problem is "ressource-collection" what does it mean ?


  • Arturo Durán

    Arturo Durán - 2012-08-31


    Does any body managed to solve this issue?
    Seems that the <ignore-web-resource-collections>  is being ignored and every request to that resources is redirected to login.do and josso_security_check.
    I have the same problem in JBoss 6.1

    Please, help.

    Thanks in advance



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