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New release (codename Tsukamoto)

New features, greater stability and reduced memory footprint for our robo chess simulation and real robotic autoplay environment. After many months of development and a lot of bug-fixes we are proud to publish this release. See ...enjoy!

Posted by gipoco 2012-01-22

New release (Codename Tarkovskij)

After an year of development, we are prod to publish another release of our chess robot environment. A lot of bugfixes corrected, a SIGSEGV on boot corrected (!) and six memory leaks eradicated! ...and a lot of minor bugfixes. For further infos see ...Enjoy.

Posted by gipoco 2011-02-13

Joshua chess robot: new release (Codename Cronemberg)

After an year of development the new release is ready for download.
Enjoy the new chess strategy in single player mode and in autoplay.
There are a lot of bugfix, too. The stability is really improved.

Posted by gipoco 2009-02-06

Joshua chess robot: Bugfix Release (codename Trier)

Joshua chess robot: a stepper motor robot interfaced with a photosensible board to play chess with an embedded artificail intelligence, a game database or and internet player. Software, robot photoes, tech papers, schematics and cabling included. Enjoy.

This release corrects a bug introduced in the last tarball. There are new features too: a new AI more aggressive (!), a new tactical checkboard, no more external file access, a gui debug, developers tools to inject schemas in a match, completly new color managment, etc.

Posted by gipoco 2007-11-05

New Release (codename Greenaway)

After one year of work: networking thread to play via xml via Internet, lpt port drive motor thread (beta), various english translations, stability and security updates, state machines restyle, panic button (game pause), game history in colors, autoreset, player timers and A LOT of minor features added.

Posted by gipoco 2007-10-30

New Release

Added Autogenerated History in Portable Game Format.
Removed CameraView (temporary change).
Chips Depot Bugfix.
Monir code restyle.
New thread to display blinking messages.
Added Initial Robot Position Setup (under construction).

Posted by gipoco 2006-06-03

Checkboard schematics publisched

Yesterday we published the checkboard schematics on the web site on different formats: medium resolution png and hires compressed bitmap. The schema reports all electronic components to build the parallel port driven led matrix. To read the positions of the chips we need 64 fotodiodes phisically coupled to each led of the matrix.

Posted by gipoco 2006-03-19