JOS Media Player / News: Recent posts

New Mailing List

A new mailing list will be available for the project at This list should be on the development of the media player. Another list,, will be available to answer questions anyone has concerning the usage of the media player.

Posted by The Jazilla Project 2000-12-03

JOS Media Player v2.0 Released

Its been a little while since the last release, but we're confident that this release is fairly stable and warrants a whole major number change. There is now support for playing MP3s and older movie codecs, playlist support, and preference saving. The filechoosers have also been made to look a bit more spiffy. If you downloaded the first release, you'll also notice a change in the icons used throughout the program. Take the new media player for a spin at and let us know what you think.

Posted by The Jazilla Project 2000-11-08

JOS Media Player 1.0beta Released

The first version of JOS Media Player. This version displays most types of images quickly using JIMI. You can also go through all the images in a directory with a few clicks instead of loading each item separately.

Posted by The Jazilla Project 2000-09-21