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JetBrains supports jose

JetBrains ( is supporting this project by donating a license for their marvelous development tool "IntelliJ IDEA".

Thanks Guys !!

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2005-03-09

jose featured on Sun's Swing Sightings

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2004-02-13

Minor Release: 1.2.2

1.2.2 introduces a bunch of minor improvements:
* new languages: Spanish & Catalan. Thanks to Agustin Gomila, Alex Coronado and Harold Roig.
* jose can use move announcement sound files from Arena, DGT and Fritz.
* move input via keyboard: type a move, hit return to execute it.
* Copy & Paste PGN games and FEN strings.
* Copy engine primary variations into the document.
* support for bzip2 compressed files (in addition to zip and gzip).
* 3D view: knights can be rotated to face into another direction.... read more

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2004-01-05

1.2 Ready for Download

- version 1.2 supports UCI, a popular protocol for plug-in engines
- translations for French and Portuguese are included. Thanks to Frederic Raimbault and Jose da Paula !!

- and, of course, lots of bug fixes and minor enhancements

Have Fun, Peter

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2003-12-16

New Release 1.1

Introduces Position Search and contains lots of bug fixes.

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2003-10-11

Game Database

A Database containning more than 500.000 chess games is available for download.

Just unzip it into the jose installation directory (first make a backup of your old database).

Have Fun,

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2003-09-20

1.0 ready for download

All planned features are included in this release. Documentation is not complete, yet. But I decided to call it 1.0.

Have Fun, Peter

Posted by Peter Schäfer 2003-08-08