Mac OS X issue and question

Jim Getzen
  • Jim Getzen
    Jim Getzen

    First off, thanks for all your hard work on Jose. For my purposes, it is almost there. Two problems:

    1. The 1.4 version for Mac OS X has a very buggy database. An error message pops up when opening it and games are not loadable or savable. Let me know if you would like more details.

    2. The other show-stopper, for me at least, is the apparent lack of full-game analysis (auto-annotation). Am I missing it? If not, will it be added in a future version? As a workaround, is there a command one can type into the Engine Console to achieve a full-game analysis?

    Thanks for any information,


    • Peter Schäfer
      Peter Schäfer

      1) Yes, you're right. The Mac OS X version has a very buggy database. The reason is MySQL 5.0 which is pretty stable on other platforms, but not yet on OS X ;-(

      If you're planning to use database features, I recommend you revert to Jose 1.3.6

      2) full game analysis is not implemented, and not planned for the near future.
      However, there's one feature that comes close, at least:
      during analysis mode, you can right click on a line and insert it into the game.

  • rck


    Thank you for all of your work on Jose, I would love to begin using it.  However I get sql errors when trying to import databases. would it help to replace the mysql in the Jose binary with a newer version?  Are there any other workarounds that have surfaced in the 5 years since this question was asked?



  • brrmm

    Got it working on Lion with the 1.4.4 release and an updated unrar binary.

    The package comes with an incompatible version (Lion doesn't support powerPC apps anymore) It's as easy as downloading the latest winrar beta (, unpacking it and copying 'unrar' to /Applications/

    Right click the app bundle and click on "show contents" to get access. After replacing importing the small database package works.

  • Engineero


    I just downloaded Jose for use with HIARCS and I like the program a lot. I found one bug rather quickly though when playing with the look and feel. I changed the Look & Feel setting under Format -> Options… -> User -> Look & Feel to "Ocean," and now I cannot change it to anything else. Is there some work-around for this that I am missing?

    Thank you very much!