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JOrtho released in Version 1.0

The spell checking library JOrtho has released a new version 1.0. Details of changes can you find at
Also all dictionaries was updated.

Posted by i-net software 2013-03-11

JOrtho Language Package 2010-09

The open source spell checking library JOrtho has been updated with newly created dictionaries.

Posted by i-net software 2010-09-21

New languages for JOrtho

The spell checking package JOrtho now speaks Croatian and Dutch. In addition, some minor bug fixes have been added.

Posted by i-net software 2010-06-16

Two more Dictionaries

JOrtho learns two more languages and speaks now polish and arabic too. The existing dictionaries have been updated with newer versions, e.g. rusian is now thrice as big as before.

Posted by i-net software 2009-01-26

JOrtho released in Version 0.4

This is a major bugfix release. For the detailed changes, please have a look at the homepage. Besides the bugfixes three new translations for the GUI where added (Polish, Czech and Slovak).

Posted by i-net software 2008-12-05

Dictionaries up to date

This is a dictionary only release with an up to date scan. Russion has been added as well.

Posted by i-net software 2008-07-04

New Dictionaries for JOrtho

On Friday the 15th of Feb. some new dictionaries have been put out. They are for the languages: French, Spanish and Italian. The German and English dictionaries have been updated as well.

Posted by i-net software 2008-02-18

JOrtho released in Version 0.2 (RC)

The second release of JOrtho simplifies the access to some API functions and fixes several minor bugs. New to this release candidate is the ability of enabling/disabling every feature separately. For developers who want provide their users with a user defined dictionary there is a reference implementation of the UserDictionaryProvider.

Posted by i-net software 2008-01-02

JOrtho released in Version 0.1 (Beta)

Today we proudly present the first public beta of the Java spell checking library "JOrtho". The library can be bound to any JTextComponent of the java framework and checks for virtually any language that you want to. Its dictionary is based on the free

In addition to the library itself there are two basic language sets for English and German.

Posted by i-net software 2007-12-13