Try this Schlicker skin with the new settings for the rocker tab switches.

I plan to employ this also in the aeolian-skinner skin on the tab couplers.


From: Rick (greenfox) <>
Sent: Sat, June 26, 2010 7:33:08 AM
Subject: Re: [jOrgan-user] jOrgan 3.10 beta8

After further experimentation.

a duration setting of "200" seems to work well for pistons, cancels and memory level incrementors.
a duration of "0" works for the "set" piston
a duration of "200" is good for single pulse toy counter sounds
a duration of "1000" is some sort of compromise for toy counter sounds that need to be held.
(how can these be held for the duration of the mouse click?)


Sven Meier wrote:
Hi all,

you can now try out beta8 with two new features:

- new fluidsynth property 'interpolation'
- two new bindings "activate" and "deactivate" for Switches
Note to skin crafters: These bindings allow upper-lower (left-right)
switches as discussed - please see style "stop" in the updated Modern skin.

Have fun


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