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JOPUX version 0.6.0 now ready and available!

By version 0.6.0 we:

Upgrading all appliance to openSUSE 12.3!
Introducing the Community Edition, which include appliances ready-to-run out-of-box!
All appliances available as ovf images, which make them easy to install and run on VirtualBox!

Version 0.6.0 is both available through JOPUX homepage, SuseStudio and Sourceforge.
The old version 0.4.0 will still be available on Sourceforge as well as CloudZoom for a while.... read more

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2013-05-09

Release 0.4.0 now available! (2012-10-08)

JOPUX upgraded to openSUSE 12.2 and JDK7

The main change in v0.4.0 is the upgrade from openSUSE 12.1 to 12.2 and from JDK6 to JDK7!

...and more database power into more appliances!

MySQL have been added to JOPUX Enterprise Server, JOPUX Web Server, JOPUX Application Server, and JOPUX BigData Server.

...and more Big Changes in JOPUX BigData Server!

Following changes have been made into the JOPUX Hadoop Distribution:... read more

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-10-08

Release 0.4.0 will soon be available through Sourceforge!

JOPUX v0.4.0 is released on SUSE Studio.
You can read more about it on JOPUX homepage:

The release will in near future be uploaded to Sourceforge and replacing the previous release.

However, some certain changes will appears..but more about it when stuff comes in place.

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-10-04

Release 0.3.0 now available! (2012-08-16)

JOPUX Core and Basic now implemented in all JOPUX appliances!

Makes it possible run applications made in any of the supported application languages on any appliance!

And makes it possible optionally setup a file and print server on any server appliance!

JAVA repository have been included into the JOPUX Core Application Runtime Environment and is thereby be available in all appliances, while mono-basic have been removed and the support for running Visual Basic thereby been excluded from all the appliances.... read more

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-08-17

Release v0.2.0 now available! (2012-07-04)

A new collection of appliances created: JOPUX Core and Basic.
Contains of following four new appliances:
JOPUX Basic Workstation
JOPUX Basic Server
JOPUX Basic Workbench

Besides this also following general updates in all appliances:
Default language switch frpm English (UK) to English (US)
home-directory for user jopux changed from /home/jopux/ to /jopux/
overlay files extracted/saved to /jopux/appliances instead of to /jopux/
automatically login for user jopux disable (Note! Means you need to login to the appliances when opening.)

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-07-10

Release v0.1.4. uploaded!

Four new appliances added:
- JOPUX Office Server
- JOPUX Office Server Plus
- JOPUX java-CMS
Updates in JOPUX JeOS (and all appliances):
- EULA included
- Language set to English (UK)
Updates in JOPUX Enterprise Server (and in all appliances built on that):
- package yast2-apparmor added
Changes in specific appliances:
- JOPUX Mail Server: zip file for Apache JAMES added
- JOPUX LDAP Server: pattern directory_server added
- JOPUX Virtual Machine Host Server: zip file for VirtualBox added
- JOPUX Network Manager: pattern remote_desktop added
New platform added:
- JOPUX Application Platforms
- No changes otherwise made in the platforms

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-05-23

Release 0.1.2 uploaded

Now are the JOPUX appliances within the 0.1.2-release uploaded!

If any are missing - will we add it as soon as possible. (Please let us know...)

The target onward is to refer to SourceForge as an master archivve for JOPUX appliances.

It means that as soon as all appliances within a version is uploaded are the whole version formally published.

Posted by Johan Palmaer 2012-04-17

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