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JOpenChart 0.94 brings a lot more features

JOpenChart 0.94 has taken a while, a bit longer than planned actually, due to university, exams and annoying things like that. But here it is and it brings features with it:

- Now renders stacked bar charts and radar charts.
- Fully automatic, and good looking, margin adaption. No more cut-off labels.
- Add data models with differently sized data sets.
- Support for editable data models, enabling real time updated GUI charts, see as an example and the TestGUI ant target.
- Now allows manually setting of maximum and minimum x- and y-values, allowing for zooming.
- allows plotting of sql query results
- Various options for controlling rendering style, esp. of bar charts and coordinate systems, see and always
- e.g Setting the axis units
- and displaying sums on top of bars etc.
- Choose preset shapes and arbitrary colors for your data sets and plot charts, easily implement your own shapes... read more

Posted by S. Müller 2002-11-04

Report your uses of JOpenChart

I am very interested how many people actually use the JOpenChart Toolkit and for what. So no matter if your using it for corporate purposes or private / educational ones, I'd be glad if you could report it to me by mail so I can make up an impressive list of JOpenChart users. It would be even better if you could give a link to your company, your project website or whatever.

Thanks a lot,

Posted by S. Müller 2002-07-02

New JOpenChart release on the horizon

The recent changes in the CVS tree will bring many new features to developers with the new upcoming release of JOpenChart. This includes additions to the BarChartRenderer, automatic margin scaling improving the layout of all charts and most importantly support for editable data models which give developers the ability to create real-time plotting of data using the ChartPanel swing component.

Posted by S. Müller 2002-07-02

New Homepage Released

I just updated the project homepage. It provides better service for possible users and developers by giving a short introduction to would-be developers and by showing a new and better tutorial for users of JOpenChart.


Posted by S. Müller 2002-07-02

First Version of the Developer Guide released

The Files section available at now contains a first preliminary version of the JOpenChart Developer Guide which is a must read for anybody who wants to contribute or to submit patches. It explains the library's architecture, some more complicated algorithms and the coding guidelines. Check it out!

Posted by S. Müller 2002-04-20

JOpenChart release 0.92 updated

Someone just dropped me a mail, that the Ant build script was not included in the src file.
This is corrected now.


Posted by S. Müller 2002-01-28

Developers Wanted

The JOpenChart project, that is - me, is searching for developers who would like to get engaged in designing and implementing the 1.0 release. Any help would be very appreciated.


Posted by S. Müller 2001-11-27

JOpenChart 0.91 release updated

The JOpenChart 0.91 release now contains the necessary libraries, too. Some user dropped me a note that they lack and are only included in the old 0.90 release.

Posted by S. Müller 2001-11-05

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