Is JOpenChartToolkit still alive?

  • FriendFX

    FriendFX - 2008-03-15


    as I searched the web for a good, free, open source Java charting library, I finally found JOpenChartToolkit. Compared to the jCharts library, it seems to be better documented and designed more flexible to me and compared to JFreeChart, I don't have to buy the developer guide.

    I tried to create a small project to see if the library is suited for my needs and took the most code out of the provided example file. After having made some small hacks to make the ChartPanel class better usable for the NetBeans' GUI Builder, I managed to have a ChartPanel showing the title and the legend. But no data. I guess the reason for this is the missing CoordSystem in the DefaultChart.

    So I came to the these forums and found that there was not much of activity in the last years. I wonder if there will be some further development? I have to admit that I haven't yet read the DeveloperGuide thoroughly, but I feel that this library is based on good principles and therefore I would like to offer my help. As most developers, I haven't got very much time, but I would like to use this library - and maybe enhance it in the future.

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    • Kurt Risser

      Kurt Risser - 2008-09-18

      I hope it is still alive.  I like it better than JFreeChart, which isn't really as free as the name implies.  I was able to use JOpenChart without much effort in a project I am working on.

      Perhaps if the project were brought up to date and maybe packaged as a NetBeans plugin or project type it would enjoy more support. 

      Presently, it is difficult to find good documentation or examples.


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