#11 Infinite loop in rendering bar chart

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Jon Barnett

I found a problem I think with either the math or the actual
rendering of bar charts. This was creating a chart in a
servlet. I was creating a bar chart for a histogram of
response times - essentially a chart that should produce a
bell curve under normal circumstances. However I had a
batch of readings that were non-standard and caused the
graph of the region to have values of 0 (y values of 0).

When I ran this, the servlet in Tomcat actually hung - the
servlet process remained on the Linux box and no output
was produced - and it locked the application. The problem
only occurs when all the values are 0. Since I have not
examined the code, I am guessing but I think it is because
the graphing routine does not know the maximum value for
the y-axis?


  • S. Müller

    S. Müller - 2002-11-04
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • S. Müller

    S. Müller - 2002-11-04

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Jon,

    thanks for the report. This is a duplicate of 580786 and I
    think it is closed in the new release. Please try so but I
    guess I dealt with it.

    Kind Regards,


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