• Tom

    Tom - 2008-04-19

    To everybody who thinks about using joone in a professional project: DON'T DO IT!!!

    As you can see in this place, you won't get any support, neither from the authors and not from the community. This project seems to be absolutely dead. Don't let you fool from the good looking documentation "Joone Complete Guide" and the big words made on the webpage, the API is extremely worse documented, the code is ultra-weired and not written to be unsterstood from third persons and there are lots of very ugly bugs and conceptual problems, which are real hard to solve because of the very kinky structures inside the code. There are massive problems like big-fat memoryleaks, a very poor performance with larger sets of training data and so on...
    It is way not that flexible as the full-bodied promotion want's to promise you from the first time on you have visited the project page.

    Sorry for that hard words, but after 3 months of struggling from one hidden problem into the next, i cannot find better words for it. This never would become such a problem for me if joone wouldn't promise so much good-sounding things, because i never would have had spent so much time on it before i must accept that it can't do the job.

    Joone might be useful for NN beginners that just want to play a few days with it solving stupid problems like XOR and other trivial things, but let your fingers from it if you want to create a professional project that should be usable beyond that stage...!!!

    Regards, Thomas

    • Anonymous - 2008-04-21

      Hi Tom,

      I have to agree with you about the support part of your discussion.  I, myself was extremely disappointed when I had absolutely no response from either admin or other community members.

      I only got one response to my thread and that was 12 MONTHS after I had finished my project!!!!  Not much of a community!


    • Xharze

      Xharze - 2008-06-27

      Hi Tom and Tim,

      I've just taken over the project and I'll try to make this doesn't happen again. The Joone project needs a big change, but I'll try to make it better. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

      Kim Christensen

    • Tom Johnson

      Tom Johnson - 2009-02-09

      I was wondering this myself.  I started a project on JOONE, but have started evaluating Encog.  The performance on Encog seems to be much better than the strange threading model that JOONE uses.  Also Encog seems to be very much in active development.  Though, it is quite a bit "younger" than JOONE.  It also has a C# version.


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