Xharze - 2008-10-30

As I've discussed earlier with hofi, we have a big problem with spam on these forums, and we don't have any kind of spam filter available to overcome this problem. Cleaning up the forums takes a lot of time each week.
To overcome this problem I've created a phpBB forum, which can be accessed under "Hosted Apps" -> "phpBB" in the SourceForge menu bar. At the moment there arn't that many forums, only the most important ones. You can login with you SourceForge ID and password.
All the help forums allow anonymous posting as users should not have to create a SourceForge account. All developers should let me know after they've logged in the first time, as I have to add them to the developers group, so you can access the developer specific forums.
All the SourceForge forums therefore not be maintained anymore after the 1st of december 2008.