eclipse project structure/ dev ide

  • UeliHofstetter

    UeliHofstetter - 2008-08-26

    hi all,

    because there are eclipse project files checked in i assume everyone here is working with eclipse, correct? so i suggest that we stick to the eclipse project structure convention and move the entire source (org.*) to the src folder(which is already there). thereby the project structure/ view in eclipse gets much more cleaner.
    i'm not a cvs expert, but i know that one likely loses the history by moving files incorrectly. therefore i would appreciate if somebody else here could do it (otherwhise i will do it myself; so we can avoid any "what f*** idiot wrote this bug!" scenes in the future ;-)) . thx.

    i also think we should start writing some unit tests where necessary. do you have any preferences? junit? testng?



    • Xharze

      Xharze - 2008-08-31

      I will move the entire source to the src folder.
      About unit testing I would prefer JUnit. I agree with you that some unit tests would be nice, and make it much easier to ensure correctly implemented features.


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