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I found that when i choose 'rotate' in the menu it not only rotates the image i am viewing but every image in the cbz file - could this be changed? Also, and perhaps I am being niave, would it be possible to save what had been rotated so that the next time the file was open it remembered what images had been rotated?

the other thing which would be great is for jomic to have the ability to delete images in a cbz file.

ok, i promise not to post any more hassles.

thanks for reading


  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    The rotation feature is designed to allow laptop users to turn their laptop while reading. It can also be used to view single rotated images.

    To permanently rotate an image, you need to extract the comic, rotate the image with some paint program, and repack the comic. In my experience it is best to rotate the image properly during the initial scanning.

    Bottom line: I don't intend to change this.

    About deletion: This would be useful, like many other things (rearrange image order, duplicate images, join and split comics, ...). However, currently Jomic is intended to be a viewer. Feel free to add a new feature request like "comic editor", or contribute your thoughts to the existing "scanlation editor" request.

  • Rowley

    Rowley - 2007-10-01

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    haha! i am such a nerd. i DID extract the images and rotate in photoshop and then re-compress as a zip and change it to a cbz. i then used comic book lover to open the file as it has a feature that automatically makes the cbz file's icon a thumbnail of the first image in the cbz file. i wonder how hard it would be to get jomic to do this? ;–)

    Anyway, i understand - i was asking a bit much.


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