#35 automator actions to verify files


Clearly you have hooks into zip and rar error checking. I would like to be
able to use automator to script jomic so that I can give automator a list of
files, tell it to try and open them with jomic, and then respond if jomic
reports back an error (i.e. delete the file, "quarentine" the file, list the
filename, etc)

This would be most excellent (or you could even just build it in to the
app, but if allowing automator functionality is easier that would be fine.



  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    I thought about that some time ago, but never came accross
    to actually implement it.

    Basically, to check a comic archive and all images in at,
    the following need to be done:

    1. create a new ComicModel("file.cbr") -> checks archive
    2. call ComicModel.check() to parse all images -> checks
    image consistency

    If both work out, the archive is valid.

    Well, in theory that is. Java's image parsers don't detect
    all errors, and some broken images are rendered as "valid"
    black boxes. But the main problem are brokes archives
    anyway, and this part is pretty reliable.

    About automator: I'm still using OS X 10.3, so I can't
    really comment on how to implement it.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Thomas Aglassinger

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    There's an intro to automator at <http://developer.apple.com/macosx/automator.html>. Looks like automator actions are usually implemented using either AppleScript or Objectic-C, no mentioning of Java.

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    • milestone: --> Open for contributors

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