Arrow keys for navigation? (w/o Command)

  • UniAce

    UniAce - 2008-05-13

    Jomic is great!
    There's just ONE thing I would like to be able to get it to do: allow navigation with JUST the arrow keys (rather than command-arrowkey).  Believe it or not, this would make a HUGE difference for me.  You see, I'm using Jomic on my MacBook to read some comics in bed before I go to sleep.  With the pages rotated to one side, I can lay on my side and look at the MacBook just as if it were a regular book.  BUT... I need to use both hands to advance to the next page.  That's because I either have to press the command key plus an arrow key, or the [function] key plus an arrow key (which then acts as page up/down).  Both options involve keys that are are on opposite ends of the keyboard.
    I've tried using MenuMaster (haxie by Unsanity), but that only allows me to assign custom keyboard shortcuts that involve modifier keys; it won't let me just assign single keystroke shortcuts.

    Does anyone know of ANY current way I'd be able to get Jomic to to navigate with single unmodified keystrokes?  Either using some 3rd party thing, or by monkeying around with Jomic itself?
    thanks very much

    • UniAce

      UniAce - 2008-05-13

      Y'know, I just now somehow noticed that there IS a command key near the arrows on the MacBook keyboard.  Ah well, anyway I'd still be interested to know if there's a way to reassign the keyboard shortcuts.

    • Thomas Aglassinger

      I read comics the same way you do on my MacBook Pro, and I use <Space> or the button on the track pad to advance on page. AFAIK even the button on the remote control should work. As of version 0.9.30 Jomic opens the next comic if you try to go past the last page, so for plain reading this is all you need.

      Currently there is no option to change the keyboard settings. There is a feature request about is (#1179295, "Key mapping") but so far I couldn't be bothered to implement it. It would be easy to do with a config file, but that's not what most people want. And doing a GUI for the key mappings a quite some work.


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