Does not work in WinXP

  • Marvin

    Marvin - 2006-09-10

    No matter how I try to install it.. It refuses to work.. even complains about JAI needing to be installed.. And even after installing JAI it still says it needs installing. 

    Their is NO WAY this is a pure java app because if it was it would work as well in windows as your stupid mac.  So this software is really MAC ONLY.. The batch file won't even start it.  You have some serious issues with this app because it's not written in pure java evidently.

    • Thomas Aglassinger

      In theory, Jomic is platform independent and supposed to work. In practice, it regularly does not work on anything but Mac because that's the only release I actually test. Usually it gets broken because of some silly omissions in the classpath or bugs in the launcher batch file.

      Your problems sounds like bug 1537824 (NoClassDefFoundError with blank in installation path). See there for a workaround or wait for version 0.9.23.

      If it keeps complaining about JAI not being installed, it usually means that JAI did not end up in the classpath where Java could actually find it. This is quite common if you have multiple Java versions on your machine. You could ask in some Java forum what to do about that, but in my experience this is hopeless and cannot be easily fixed without breaking other Java applications.

      It's not a pure Java application (and never claims to be one) because it requires unrar and uses Runtime.exec(). Early releases were Mac-only, people complained, so for quite a while there has been a portable installer, which I hardly ever try out myself. Feel free to contribute improvements or fixes to it.

      If someone feels like it, one could even do a "all in one" Windows release with a proper unrar.exe and JAI included - similar to the Mac release.


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