Jimic, a comic viewer for JDK 1.1

  • Thomas Aglassinger

    Hi all,

    I finally got around and started to rework Jomic's rendering code, which is the main culprit in its pathetically slow image display. While fooling around with this, I wrote a comic viewer that is satiesfied with technology from 1997, read: JDK 1.1 and AWT. Because it kinda is a tiny Jomic, it's called Jimic.

    Jimic will run on very old systems with support for very old Java releases. This should include Mac OS Classic and a few fancy handhelds. It still won't run on cell phones that support only J2ME ("micro edition"), though.

    The good thing about it is that it takes less than 20 KB. The bad thing is that it's pretty limited in what it can do: browse CBZ/ZIP comic with JFIF/JPEG and GIF images (and PNG when run on a more modern Java release).

    It cannot open CBR/RAR or PDF, there is no two page mode, no menu or toolbar, no "zoom to fit", and nothing unreleated to showing images.

    You can download it from <http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=103788&package_id=196253>. Extract the archive and read "jimic.html" for more details.

    I don't intend to push Jimic much further, but feel free to pick up the source code and add a feature or two. The code is included in the archive, the Subversion repository is available from <http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.cgi/jomic/trunk/jimic>.

    Cheers, Thomas.

    • Thomas Aglassinger

      I did some testing with Mac OS Classic. As of version 0.7, Jimic solely uses things supported by JDK 1.1.

      I also slapped together a quick & simple homepage at <http://www.roskakori.at/jimic/>.

      Cheers, Thomas.


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