Jomic for Mobile Phones?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    You think is possible to load Jomic to a 3G mobile phone with Java and Symbian? I have to try it some day. I like to read my comic books on it.

    Thanks fot any info!

    • Thomas Aglassinger

      This topic seems to pop up regularly, so I finally did some research what it would take to make Jomic work with cell phones and handhelds.

      Short answer: I don't think it will work any time soon. Sorry.

      Long answer:

      As far as I found out, mobile phones supporting Java usually refer to J2ME ("micro edition"), which is a stripped down version of Java. Think Mac OS X vs. Mac OS 7 or Windows XP vs. Windows 3.1 to get the idea.

      Apart from a few very basic APIs, J2ME does not provide anything the Jomic source code needs to be compilable.

      A Java comic viewer for mobiles would have to be started from scratch.

      Apart from that, another major problem with J2ME seems to be that it doesn't really work. Unlike with the "big" J2SE ("standard edition" as used by Jomic), a lot of vendors do their own optimised J2ME implementation for their particular cell phone or handheld. Apparently they usually screw up a few things, and the "write once run anywhere" is even less applicable than for normal Java applications (where it's typically the developer who screws up, not the vendor). Get a taste of this by lurking the programmer forum at <>.

      To sum it up: Jomic most likely won't work on any current cell phone. Making it work would require a complete rewrite in J2ME.

      Hope that answers your question.

      Cheers, Thomas.


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