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Tray icon implemented

Now you don't have to run two different programs. Now you can start the daemon application from within the gui. There is also a tray icon thingy. There is supposed to be a joystick icon but that's for later.

Posted by samel 2008-10-22

Easy to install for GNU/Linux and Windows

Now sdljava is included in the release so you don't have to install it seperately. For Windows users, I also included the SDL runtime environment .dll file in the release. I might do that with the GNU/Linux .so files as well but it's more common for GNU/Linux users to have SDL installed.

Anyways, now you can click and run! There are two bat files for Windows; runconfig.bat and rundaemon.bat

For GNU/Linux there are two shell files, and read more

Posted by samel 2008-10-18

First "easy to install" version for GNU/Linux

Okay, now you don't need eclipse to run jojsticken! Still, you have to install sdljava yourself. I'm trying to include it with the jar file but I'm not quite there yet.

Next up, to see if I can get it to work on Windows.

Posted by samel 2008-10-18

Axis fixed

Now I have managed to get the axis working. It works great with digital axis (that is, axis that are like buttons, on or off) but is a bit buggy with analog axis.

I encounter a bug, I don't know if it's me or sdljava. I do believe it is sdljava actually. If I wait for events to many times, at last I will get no events. That sucks. But that will only happen if one sits and frantically moves the analog axis, because for each movement, a new event is being produced.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-10-15

First release!

I have just release the first alfa version of jojsticken. It's not an easy point and click installer so if that's what you want, you better stay tuned for a bit longer. No, this is just source basically just exported from eclipse on GNU/Linux. If you want to get it working, open up eclipse and import the jar file. (Or extract the jar file and import the folders to a new project).

The tricky part is to get sdljava ( working. Follow the tutorial and you should be OK.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-10-13

Feature request anybody?


I'm rewriting rejoystick, in java with sdljava (sdl bindings for java).

Do you want a feature that's missing in rejoystick? Well then, go to and add the feature you want.

Stay tuned, the first version will soon be release. (I have some exams now the following 1-2 weeks, so we'll see when there's time.)... read more

Posted by samel 2008-10-12

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