show Text in running programs

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-06


    is there a possibility - or maybe a program - to show Text in the running program. Only a view words would be enough.
    I've connected my TV with my house automation software, so I'm able to control all functions of the tv. This is great, but I want to give some information via the TV, like "Incoming call from….." or "Garage is still open….".

    Thnx for you support!

  • Matthias Ihmig

    Matthias Ihmig - 2012-06-08

    Have a look at JSTx:

    Showing some text and waiting for a key works very well, though I have issues with several seconds of delay when using multikey-dialog (-D2) and proxy mode.

    The problem is that removing the focus from the overlay app doesn't seem to work (at least for me).

    What you _can do:
    Show some overlay (text/image) with JSTx, e.g. using JSTx -t "Hello" -D1
    which waits for a remote key press and then exits.
    Or you can specify a timeout to automatically exit.

    But while the text is displayed, you cannot control the TV. (at least, not yet).

  • Matthias Ihmig

    Matthias Ihmig - 2012-06-09

    I solved the issues with the proxy mode.
    If you have a 2011 TV, have a look at this patch.

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-10

    Unfortunately I've no Linux System. Is it possible to compile these source with cgwyn, or does anyone has a ready compiled version for intel/windows 7. Thx.

  • Matthias Ihmig

    Matthias Ihmig - 2012-06-10

    Yes, should be possible, though I didn't try it.
    As starting point, you can use the SDK from the Jointspace homepage.
    You may have to add libpng (either with the cygwin installer or download the sources and compile it).See the JSTx instructions PDF for details.


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