How to set Picture Format to Auto Zoom?

  • Pidel

    Pidel - 2012-06-22

    I have tried key injection from a small testapp developed and running on my computer. The computer sends the commands via wireless network to my Philips TV using the jslibrc_client.h API.
    However, I can not find a way to set Picture Format directly to e.g. Auto Zoom, Auto Fill, Widescreen, Unscaled, etc. The closest I get is to display the Picture format menu using this code:
    jslibrc_KeyDown(keySourceRc6, 0, rc6S0MovieExpand);
    jslibrc_KeyUp(keySourceRc6, 0, rc6S0MovieExpand);

    But I do not want to display the Picture format menu. I want my remote app to change Picture format directly. Is this possible, or is this a limitation of the JointSPACE API?

    Also, I would like to activate the home cinema mode directly, i.e. watch a movie from my blu-ray player connected to the TV via HDMI. Currently, using the TV remote on my 58pfl9955 TV, I need to enter Home menu and use arrow buttons to move focus to the blu-ray player icon (player is connected to the TV's HDMI 1). Any ideas of how to do this remotely in my testapplication?

  • Matthias Ihmig

    Matthias Ihmig - 2012-06-23

    I haven't tried this and also don't know which TVs actually do support RC5 codes, but have a look here:

    It has a listing of all Philips 2010 TVs RC keycodes.
    There are some RC5 key codes to directly select Format and also Ext Input.

    So, maybe you can use RC5 keycodes instead of RC6 keycodes.

    If the RC5 keycodes don't work, you could also have a look at the latest jslib header files and implementation if there is another way to send Rc5 keycodes.

    Regarding selecting  the Ext. Input, you could use rc6S0External1 + arrow buttons.
    Or you can try if RequestActivity amLib_ACT_WatchExt works.

    Please share your experiences :)

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-19

    After fixing jslibrc_KeyDown to actually pass on the parameters instead of passing rc6/system 0 no matter what is specified, and SendKeyDown, which is called by the former, needs the KEYSYMBOL flag removed, I found out which rc5 keys work on my 56PFL9954/H12 on HDMI1 source (havent tried TV.. I don't use that)

    3,61 Autofill doesn't exist on source HDMI1
    3,62 works (Expand 16:9) (though it has the corresponding rc6 command rc6S0WideScreen)
    3,80 Autozoom doesn't exist either
    3,81 cinema 21:9 doesn't work
    3,83 Super Zoom 16:9 doesn't work
    3,85 cinema subtitle 21:9 doesn't work
    3,116 16:9 doesn't work

    Got me wondering what undocumented behavior there was (expect this to be different for every model)
    3,117 4:3
    3,126 Super Zoom
    found nothing else. Tried until 3,255

    0,126 brings up the format menu (same as 0,245 in rc6 which is rc6S0MovieExpand)

    hope it helps someone..


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