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New releases of joeq VM

After a long hiatus, we have updated the file releases to match the current state of the project in CVS. The released version includes an advanced compiler and program analysis framework, hooks for garbage collection, support for JDK1.4.2 and much, much more. Check out the joeq overview paper published in IVME 2003!

Posted by John Whaley 2003-08-13

joeq released for Linux!

joeq is a advanced Java virtual machine, written entirely in Java.

This is our first release for Linux. All features in the Windows version (multithreading, hardware exceptions, etc.) have been implemented for Linux and there are no known bugs. Testing and contributions are appreciated!

Posted by John Whaley 2002-08-02

joeq runs all of spec benchmark suite

joeq successfully runs all of the SpecJVM benchmark suite in command-line mode. Now to work on performance...

Posted by John Whaley 2001-04-16

M:N threading and thin locks completed!

M:N threading support has been implemented and is working correctly! The scheduler supports fully preemptive multitasking.

Along with this, we have implemented a fast thin locking mechanism with lock expansion upon contention.

Posted by John Whaley 2001-04-09

zip/jar file support

zip/jar file support has been added, even when bootstrapping. Thus, there is no more need to extract classes before using joeq.

Posted by John Whaley 2001-03-11

COFF output format is supported

joeq now outputs object files in standard COFF format, alleviating the need for a special loader. This also makes joeq more platform-independent.

Posted by John Whaley 2001-02-27

Web site up, code in CVS

Sourceforge has enabled my account, so I put up the web site and the code. Check it out!

Posted by John Whaley 2001-02-06

First alpha version is released!

I will put the code into CVS and update the web site as soon as my sourceforge shell account is activated. (Apparently, everyone at sourceforge is at LinuxWorld now, so there is a slight delay.)

Posted by John Whaley 2001-02-02

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