#96 disable syntax highlighting

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I have found no way in current joe-3.7 to disable syntax highlighting once I've switched it on. This is especially annoying if a rule in ftyperc accidentally applies to a file, or if I accidentally select a certain highlighting manually though the menu.

The attached syntax file none.jsf allows to me to select the syntax highlighting style "none" from the menu, cleaning up my display.

I'm guessing the semantics for this syntax file, but it "works for me". A proper solution is desirable though.



  • Moritz Barsnick

    Moritz Barsnick - 2009-01-12

    jope syntax highlighting file to enable no syntax highlighting at all

  • Charles J. Tabony

    ^T H disables highlighting for me. Perhaps you are using jmacs, jpico, or jstar? I don't know if those have a highlighting option in their menus.

  • Moritz Barsnick

    Moritz Barsnick - 2009-01-13

    ^T H is perfect, thanks. I must've missed that in both the Changelog and the man page. Sorry, I simply don't know all the menus/macros by heart.

    Exactly what I was looking for! Case closed, thanks.

  • Moritz Barsnick

    Moritz Barsnick - 2009-01-13
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Charles J. Tabony

    No problem. I don't think the man page has had any significant updates since before highlighting was added. ^T H is actually mentioned in the Wed Mar 24 2004 Changelog entry, as a way to turn highlighting on, since highlighting was off by default back then.


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