JOE 3.5 Released!

JOE 3.5

- Many bugs have been fixed, including a number of critical ones:
- Left arrow in menus sometimes caused a core dump.
- ESC c (compile) caused core dump or missed saving some files.
- Multi-file search & replace core dumps with 'e' option.
- ^XC in jmacs sometimes missed asking to save some files.

- This version has been test compiled to be warning free on many systems,

Irix 6.5, HPUX-11i, FreeBSD 5.4, NetBSD 3.0, Hp Tru64 5.1b,
Cygwin, Linux, S/390, Itanium, Alpha, x86, MIPS, PA-RISC.

- Query windows now expand to multiple lines if necessary

- Single key queries are now internationalized (set local versions in the
.po file)

- Spell check language can be set in the editor

- New syntax highlight files: m4, joerc

- New debug window for .jsf file syntax errors.

- Macros can be typed at the ESC X prompt (before it used to accept only

- Built-in joerc file allows joe to run even if /etc/joe directory is
missing: now you can run the editor with just the binary file.

- Support for 'long long' allows editing parts of files larger than 4GB.
For example, you can say: joe /dev/hda,0x100000000,0x1000 to edit the 4KB
block at offset 4GB of a hard drive.

- There is now an option which allows you set how many undo records to keep.

- You can give a path to the tags file in the TAGS environment variable.

Posted by Joe Allen 2013-05-02

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