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# joe [La]TeX syntax highlighting

=Comment 	green
=Keyword 	bold
=Mathmode 	cyan
=Brace		magenta
=Parameter	bold blue

:idle Idle
	*		idle
	"%"		comment		recolor=-1
	"$"		math		recolor=-1
	"\\"		command		recolor=-1
	"{[]}"		brace		recolor=-1
	"#"		parameter	recolor=-1

:comment Comment
	*		comment
	"\n"		idle

:math Mathmode
	*		math
	"\\"		math_command	recolor=-1
	"{[]}"		math_brace	recolor=-1
	"$"		idle

:command Keyword
	*		idle
	"a-zA-Z@"	command2

:command2 Keyword
	*		idle		noeat
	"a-zA-Z@"	command2

:math_command Keyword
	*		math
	"a-zA-Z@"	math_command2

:math_command2 Keyword
	*		math		noeat
	"a-zA-Z@"	math_command2

:parameter Parameter
	*		idle		noeat
	"0-9"		idle

:brace Brace
	*		idle		noeat

:math_brace Brace
	*		math		noeat

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