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# JOE syntax highlight file for sh/ksh/bash

# Think about:
# $'....'
# $(...)
# ${...}

# cat <<EOF xxxxxx
# xxxxx should be interpreted as other arguments for 'cat'.

# Colors

=Comment 	green
=Constant 	cyan
=Escape 	bold cyan
=Keyword 	bold
=Var		magenta

# Syntax

:idle Idle
	*		idle
#	")"		subst_char	recolor=-1
	"`"		subst_char	recolor=-1
	"#"		comment		recolor=-1
	"\\"		escape		recolor=-1
	"$"		subst		recolor=-1
	"'"		string_sq	recolor=-1
	"\""		string_dq	recolor=-1
	"<"		maybe_inc
	"a-zA-Z{}![_"	ident		buffer

:subst_char Var
	*		idle	noeat

:maybe_inc Idle
	*		idle		noeat
	"<"		maybe_inc1

:maybe_inc1 Idle
	*		inc		buffer noeat
	"\""		inc_quote
	"'"		inc_quote
	" 	"	maybe_inc1
	"\n"		toeof
	"`&()\\|;<>"	idle	noeat
	"\\"		skipquote
	"-"		skipminus

:skipminus Idle
	*		inc1		buffer noeat
	" 	"	skipminus
	"\\"		skipquote
	"\""		inc1_quote
	"'"		inc1_quote
	"`&()\\|;<>\n"	idle	noeat

:skipquote Idle
	*		inc		buffer noeat
	"`&()\\|;'\"<> 	\n"	idle	noeat

# All of these are for case of leading -

:inc1 Var
	*		inc1
	"`&()\\|;'\"<> 	\n"	skipline1	noeat save_s

:inc1_quote Var
	*		inc1	buffer noeat

:skipline1 Idle
	*		skipline1
	"\n"		next_line1

:todelim1 Constant
	*		todelim1
	"\n"		next_line1	strings
	"&"		founddelim1

:next_line1 Constant
	*		todelim1	buffer
	"\t"		next_line1
	"\n"		next_line1

:founddelim1 Var
	*		idle		noeat

# No leading -

:inc Var
	*		inc
	"`&()\\|;'\"<> 	\n"	skipline	noeat save_s

:inc_quote Var
	*		inc	noeat buffer

# Should be treated as a normal line here...

:skipline Idle
	*		skipline
	"\n"		next_line

:todelim Constant
	*		todelim
	"\n"		next_line	strings
	"&"		founddelim

# eat \n so it's not in string.
:next_line Constant
	*		todelim		buffer
	"\n"		next_line

:founddelim Var
	*		idle		noeat

# << with no word.  Rest of file is a constant.

:toeof Constant
	*		toeof

:comment Comment
	*		comment
	"\n"		idle

:escape Escape
	*		idle

:subst Var
	*		idle noeat
	"("		idle	recolor=-2 # don't try for now
	"\""		string_dq	recolor=-2
	"\'"		string_sq	recolor=-2
	"{"		subst_brack
	"a-zA-Z_"	subst_name
	"0-9*@?\-$_!#"	idle

:subst_name Var
	*		idle		noeat recolor=-1
	"a-zA-Z0-9_"	subst_name

:subst_brack Var
	*		subst_brack
	"}"		idle

# Simplest case: no quoting allowed
:string_sq Constant
	*		string_sq
	"\'"		idle

# double-quote: quoting, backqoutes and substitution allowed
:string_dq Constant
	*		string_dq
	"$"		string_dq_subst	recolor=-1
	"\""		idle
	"\\"		string_dq_esc	recolor=-1
	"`"		string_dq_bq	recolor=-1

:string_dq_subst Var
	*		string_dq	noeat recolor=-2
	"$0-9!_\-?*@"	string_dq
	"a-zA-Z_"	string_dq_subst_name
	"{"		string_dq_subst_brack

:string_dq_subst_name Var
	*		string_dq	recolor=-1 noeat
	"a-zA-Z0-9_"	string_dq_subst_name

:string_dq_subst_brack Var
	*		string_dq_subst_brack
	"}"		string_dq

:string_dq_esc Escape
	*		string_dq	recolor=-2
	"$`\"\\"	string_dq
	"\n"		string_dq	recolor=-2

:string_dq_bq Constant
	*		string_dq_bq
	"$"		string_dq_bq_subst	recolor=-1
	"\`"		string_dq
	"\\"		string_dq_bq_esc	recolor=-1

:string_dq_bq_subst Var
	*		string_dq_bq	noeat recolor=-2
	"$0-9!_\-?*@"	string_dq_bq
	"a-zA-Z_"	string_dq_bq_subst_name
	"{"		string_dq_bq_subst_brack

:string_dq_bq_subst_name Var
	*		string_dq_bq	recolor=-1 noeat
	"a-zA-Z0-9_"	string_dq_bq_subst_name

:string_dq_bq_subst_brack Var
	*		string_dq_bq_subst_brack
	"}"		string_dq_bq

:string_dq_bq_esc Escape
	*		string_dq_bq	recolor=-2
	"$`\"\\"	string_dq_bq
	"\n"		string_dq_bq	recolor=-2

# backquote
:string_bq Constant
	*		string_bq
	"$"		string_bq_subst	recolor=-1
	"\`"		idle
	"\\"		string_bq_esc	recolor=-1

# escape in backquote
:string_bq_esc Escape
	*		string_bq	recolor=-2
	"$`\"\\"	string_bq
	"\n"		string_bq	recolor=-2

# Substitution in a backquote
:string_bq_subst Var
	*		string_bq	noeat recolor=-2
	"$0-9!_\-?*@"	string_bq
	"a-zA-Z_"	string_bq_subst_name
	"{"		string_bq_subst_brack

:string_bq_subst_name Var
	*		string_bq	recolor=-1 noeat
	"a-zA-Z0-9_"	string_bq_subst_name

:string_bq_subst_brack Var
	*		string_bq_subst_brack
	"}"		string_bq

:ident Idle
	*		idle		noeat strings
	"!"		kw
	"{"		kw
	"}"		kw
	"["		kw
	"]"		kw
# primary keywords
	"case"		kw
	"do"		kw
	"done"		kw
	"elif"		kw
	"else"		kw
	"esac"		kw
	"fi"		kw
	"for"		kw
	"if"		kw
	"in"		kw
	"then"		kw
	"until"		kw
	"while"		kw
# I think these are basically keywords too
	"break"		kw
	"continue"	kw
	"return"	kw
	"eval"		kw
	"exec"		kw
	"exit"		kw
	"test"		kw	# doesn't have to be a shell command
# variable management
	"shift"		kw
	"unset"		kw
	"export"	kw
	"readonly"	kw
# input
	"read"		kw
# job control (not likely to be used in scripts)
	"bg"		kw
	"fg"		kw
	"jobs"		kw
	"suspend"	kw
# job control (useful in scripts)
	"kill"		kw
	"wait"		kw
# environment control
	"cd"		kw
	"chdir"		kw
	"pwd"		kw
	"ulimit"	kw
	"umask"		kw
# signal handling
	"trap"		kw
# misc shell control
	"hash"		kw
	"type"		kw
	"times"		kw
	"set"		kw
# shell builtins
	"echo"		kw
	"getopts"	kw
	"login"		kw	# not bash (logout is)
	"newgrp"	kw	# not in bash
	"stop"		kw	# not in bash (suspends a process)
# additional ksh builtins
	"alias"		kw
	"select"	kw
	"function"	kw
	"command"	kw
	"fc"		kw
	"let"		kw
	"print"		kw
	"unalias"	kw
	"whence"	kw
	"history"	kw
	"time"		kw
	"typeset"	kw
	"local"		kw
# additional bash builtins
	"source"	kw
	"bind"		kw
	"builtin"	kw
	"compgen"	kw
	"complete"	kw
	"declare"	kw
	"dirs"		kw
	"disown"	kw
	"enable"	kw
	"help"		kw
	"logout"	kw
	"popd"		kw
	"printf"	kw
	"pushd"		kw
	"shopt"		kw
	"a-zA-Z0-9_"	ident

:kw Keyword
	*	idle	noeat

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