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1. Introduction
This file describes particular issues on AmigaOS port of JOE.

2. Requirements
To compile JOE you need ncurses and termcap libraries installed.

3. Installation
- Extract the archive into your GeekGadgets tree
- Go to AmigaOS shell and execute "setenv TERM amiga"
- Copy file ENV:TERM to your ENVARC: directory.

4. Usage
Unfortunately ixemul.library does not implement pseudo-terminals (ptys), so
inserting shell command output (CTRL-K !) does not work. All other functions
are fully implemented and work exactly in the same way as in UNIX version.

5. Compiling
To recompile JOE just cd to the directory with sources and type (if you use
standard Amiga shell):

	sh configure --prefix=/gg

From UNIX shell (like ksh) you may just type:

	./configure --prefix=/gg

When the configuration process finishes, type:


After compiling you may install the program by using:

	make install

To clean up the distribution (erase all binary and #?.o files) you can use:

	make clean

6. Known bugs
AmigaOS port of JOE currently has no specific bugs

7. Port author
My name is Pavel Fedin, i live in Russia, and you can always reach me by