I doubt anyone actually cares, there does not seem to be any real way to contact the developers of this editor any more so im forced to sneak in this inappropriate back door.  this is my absolute last ditch attempt to get resolution on this issue before i go looking for a new editor.

I have been using this editor almost exclusively since about 2000 but unless I can find a way to resolve this issue I will have no choice but to abandon this editor and that will probably force me to write my own.  I do NOT want to take time off developing my own projects just to be able to have a usable editor to edit them with in fact i would hate having to do that when there has been an almost perfect option up till now.

I would prefer that this editor be reverted back to its previous state of allowing me to GLOBALLY turn off the insertion of tab characters into the files i am editing by simply placing a -indentc 32 in my global options section of the rc file.

I am not even slightly interested in any of the syntax highlighting features because joe does not have the ability to syntax highlight the language I am developing in so breaking any other languages highlighting is a complete and utter non issue so i TRIED to comment out the inclusion of the ftyperc file - this did not help.  I tried to add a * file type - this did not help.  I tried to delete ALL the other file types and leave ONLY the * file type with -indentc 32.  This also did not help.
I doubt ill get any replies, i doubt this will ever be fixed but i can hope.
Not being able to prevent tab characters from being forced into my source files is an absolute deal breaker for me, I will have to put my project on hold till i can find a new editor that does not make me totally CRINGE every time i have to launch it.  The only thing in this editor up to now that made me cringe was having to do ^kx^kx^kx 40 times in a row to quit and save all my edits but even this wasnt enough to drive me away but having 0x09 pushed into ANY of my files will do so :/

Please restore this editor to its previous sane state and allow me to GLOBALLY DISABLE this abomination of a character.


“When something can be read without effort,
great effort has gone into its writing.”

― Enrique Jardiel Poncela ―