I have modified the options in my /etc/joe/joerc according to my needs.
For example, most of the time I do not want to use '-joe_state' so I have it disabled.
However, sometimes when I am editing a long file (ie sourcecode), it comes very handy to use -joe_state.
In this case, rather than changing /etc/joe/joerc, I start joe from the command line with the -joe_state option, like this:

joe -joe_state myfile.txt

thsi is very elegant solution and it works perfectly.

Now to my problem: I was wondering if I could use the same approach to specify on the command line that I want to have backups created.
Usually, I do not want to use backup files, so I have '-nobackups' active in my /etc/joe/joerc.
But sometimes it would be handy to have backup created. Is there a way I could start joe from the command line and override the -nobackups option, so that backups would be created?

the folowing does not work (obviously)
joe -backups myfile.txt

many thanks,