Hi guys,

Is it possible to launch an external command from joe, giving it the current file's name as an argument?

Use case: I open tons of read-only files (e.g. joe `grep -rl FooBar .`), find the few ones out of these which I have to actually edit, but I have to make them writable first (e.g. execute the command "p4 edit <filename>").  What I do currently is I make the terminal wide enough so that the filename is not cropped in joe's header, and copy-paste it to another terminal window.

Something like a placeholder for the Shell (^K !) command that gets substituted by the filename would be a good start, then I'd have to type something like "^K ! p4 edit %% Enter" (and also "^T O" to make it writable inside joe).  An even shorter shortcut key sequence would be even more awesome :)

If it's not possible, please consider this as a feature request! ;-)