T,h,i_s g.e'm is rea-lly m,ova_ble!!
T_h+i.s o'n e is re+ally profi-tab,le!!!
H+a.v+e y+o,u b,e+e-n watchi,-ng t-h i.s f o'r t+h e l'a s_t w e e,k ?
T,a+k_e a l o*o,k at it:
re_cent n.e'w.s re lea-ses s-e_n+t g,e_nerating g*rowing i_nte_rest in C*Y'T-V
C'o'mpany: CHI NA Y_OUTV C-O R*P (.O,T'C BB:CYTV..O.B)
S t o c k: C,Y'T-V
Cur,rent Pr*ice: $+._4-9
4*t'h S't_raight d-a+y s we h-a+v,e s'e*e+n t.h'i-s clim-b. (+S_e e Yaho+o Char.t-*New N_e.w-s rele+ase)
T*h*i.s o.n,e h,a.s h+a,d n+i.c_e r-eturns f+o r inv es'tors o_v,e,r t.h.e summ.er, and
n+o*w sh+ows pro*mise to begi*n a secon_d w a v*e of retu.rns.
K,e'e'p a e+y'e o,u*t a-gain on Wedn-,esday A-u'g 1*5....
A+ctual or atte,m_pted u,s.e*, acc.ess, e,xamina_tion, or co n+figuration chan.ge by an un.autho,rized perso n exte_r nal to t h+e Corp'.oration w*i,l.l r+esult in c-rimi nal a.n*d civi+l pro_secutio_n to t*h.e f'ullest exte'nt of t h_e l-a.w_.
We can''t hid'e, a n_d we ca+n't f*ight b a-c k al'one.
Suppo'se s'h+e w,a_s h'e-r*e to s+t.o_p t-h*e Catacl_ ysm as w+e.l+l,.
A_ltho'ugh t,h'e d+a_t'e synta+x h'e_r.e c_a*n rep+res_ent a n_y poss+i'ble t+i-m e sinc_e z_e.r o A.
Vi.rgini*a w*a*s n*o_t qu,ite fo,urtee*n w*h-e,n Harr y Edg,ar po,sses*sed h e'r_.