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Win32 Version Running under Win2k Pro

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Has anyone gotten the Win32 version to work under Win2k?
    I've tried both 2.9.6-win32 & 2.9.6re2.
    I have copied joerc into c:\winnt
    Re2 gives me error:
    Couldn't load termcap entry.  Using ansi default
    Processing 'C:\WINNT\joerc'...done
    Sorry, your terminal can't do absolute cursor positioning.
    It's broken

    Any ideas??

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry, when I package the joe-2.9.6-win32, I forget to package
      the terminfo files need for ncurses.
      Please give me your email, I will send you a new package to
      see if it works before I submit it.

      Yih-Ru Wang

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Someone an idea how to get this working?


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