` and ASCII codes

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    In previous versions of Joe (3.1 at least), you could hit ` (backtick) and it would prompt to enter a decimal, hex, or octal ASCII code. In 3.5, this appears to have dissappeared. Where is this functionality now?

    • Charles J. Tabony

      It is listed in help as:

      ^[' Ctrl-

      For anyone who doesn't know, ^[ meas hit ESC.  You can also hit CTRL-[.  You might also be able to hold the Meta or Alt key (while hitting ' (single quote)).

      You can see all of the key bindings in joerc.  Open joerc and search for "`".  Notice ` was disabled by adding a space at the beginning of the line.  As you can see, you can now invoke the quote command with ^[ ' or ^Q.

      The key sequence for the quote command was changed because ` is a printable character.  Having a printable character invoke a command caused problems when pasting text into JOE, especially shell scripts which often contain `.

      Charles J. Tabony

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Got it. Thanks.


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