joe-reference-card Now available

  • Stefan Schroeder

    Comments and flames are welcome to improve
    I didn't create with joe though, the multicolumn layout seemed to difficult to handle in a simple textmode.

    D/L from

    <a href="">reference card</a>

    and post your opinion.
    Stefan S.

    • Stefan Schroeder

      Sorry about the garbled href

      • Frieder Ferlemann

        That's a nice one:)
        Maybe add a reference to the location of the configuration files?
        The Blocks section probably is what most users need first (the functionality in the first column sections Moving (cursor), Goto  and Delete will be achieved for most users by the cursor/page/delete keys and some patience). Personally I'd find File I/O and Block stuff  more critical so I'd put that on top.

        ^k x is somewhat hidden (maybe section Files? I find ^k s easier to remember than ^k d), maybe embolden the ^_ command? ^k f, ^l could go into the Search section.

        Thanks a lot!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I stole these commands rather randomly from the manpage. The succession is of course changeable. Is there any interest to include the openoffice-file in the distribution? I will add the ref. to the configuration. The configuration files contain a bulk of other information with
      unknown (to me that is) importance. Anyone? Highlighting is a fairly new feature, that is poorly documented, too.


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