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3.3 and colors

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How can i change colors from joerc file? Specially the HTML color is way too dark.

    • Henry Pan

      Henry Pan - 2005-08-23

      Edit /usr/local/etc/joe/syntax/html.jsf
      All syntax highlight files are in /usr/local/etc/joe/syntax directory

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      But where is there a list of permitted colors? I only see red, blue, cyan, magenta, green, and black in the other syntax files. Since the blue and cyan are almost identical, there are not enough colors available to do useful highlighting in a window with a light background (e.g., white or yellow). If I could actually specify the colors (with values or using X color names or something) then it might be possible to keep the syntax highlighting turned on and actually be able to read things.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      My guess is that it uses terminal control sequences to set colours and these are predefined. If I remember correctly xterm only has 8 colours.

      Guess you can change the rgb values of these colours in the X11 app-defaults for xterm (or whatever emulator you are using).


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