Elbert Pol - 2008-12-14


I did a try to port Joe to os2.
using Gcc 3.46
i ran into this error:

weakld: error: Unresolved symbol (UNDEF) '_setpgrp'.
weakld: info: The symbol is referenced by:
Ignoring unresolved externals reported from weak prelinker.
Error! E2028: _setpgrp is an undefined reference
file u:/tmp\ldconv_tty_o_a7904944c8191b8150.obj(ldconv_tty_o_a7904944c8191b8150.obj): undefined symbol _setpgrp
make.exe[2]: *** [joe.exe] Error 1
make.exe[2]: Leaving directory `U:/joe-3.7'
make.exe[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make.exe[1]: Leaving directory `U:/joe-3.7'
make: *** [all] Error 2

I fix this to comment out in tty.c
//#ifndef SETPGRP_VOID
//            setpgrp(0, 0);
//            setpgrp();

Now it builds ok.
But when i started joe i get :
Couldn't load termcap/terminfo entry

Any thoughts about this ?