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macros for LaTeX

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    With the introduction of LaTeX syntax highlighting in JOE 3.2, my writing work has become more efficient (and certainly more enjoyable).  In an effort to boost my efficiency to the next level, I'm wondering if anyone in the JOE user community has written any macros to assist in the writing of documents with LaTeX.

    The ideal would be to have something akin what AUCTeX is for Emacs, but all I really need are a few macros to handle compiling, conversion to postscript/PDF, and viewing (hopefully with some intelligent parsing of errors).  I've made a few attempts at constructing these macros myself, but haven't been too successful.

    Has anyone produced any macros they'd be willing to share?


    • Jeremy Cowgar

      Jeremy Cowgar - 2005-12-18

      I do not use LaTeX, but have you tried recording the macro with ^K[0 or another register, then when your down with the operation on the keyboard, hit ^K] and then ^[d ? That will dump the actions you just took to the current buffer in macro code.

      It may help, don't know. Sorry couldn't help more.



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