joe - pasting w/ mouse

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I used to copy&paste using only the mouse (left button to copy, right button to paste). How about now? left button still copy.. but how to paste? Thanks !!

    • Henry Pan

      Henry Pan - 2005-08-23

      I guess you're using PuTTY.
      Try to disable xterm mouse support in joerc,
      add a space in front of -mouse

      If you use X window console,
      just press middle button to paste.

    • Jeremy Cowgar

      Jeremy Cowgar - 2005-12-18

      When XTerm mouse support is ON (which is nice), I find that the middle mouse button does not work. If I turn XTerm mouse support OFF, then paste with the middle button begins to work.

      It would be very nice to be able to have both XTerm mouse support and be able to copy and paste to other programs. Maybe I am missing something, I hope?


    • Jeremy Cowgar

      Jeremy Cowgar - 2005-12-18

      Never mind! A few messages down from this, about Joe 3.2 new features, references to access the old features of Xterm and Joe, use Shift Click. So, Shift, Click, Hilight allows me to use the old X clipboard. Shift-Middle-Click allows me to paste into Joe from the X clipboard.



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